Aspire Consulting offers regular Accreditation programmes to certify practitioners on the Work Styles Assessment. These can be run face -to-face or remotely.Whether you are an HR, L&D or training professional, or an independent facilitator, coach or management consultant, becoming accredited in the Work Styles suite of tools will give you confidence in delivering report feedback and team workshops.

Enhanced Understanding

Accreditation provides HR professionals with a deeper understanding of Work Styles and their impact on job performance, team dynamics, and organisational culture. This knowledge can help individuals and organisations make more informed decisions about hiring, training, and development.

Customised Solutions

Independent OD Consultants can use Work Styles assessments to provide customised solutions for individuals and organisations based on their unique needs and challenges.

Improved Performance

Work style assessments can help individuals and organizations identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for improving job performance and organizational effectiveness.

Reduced training costs

By training in-house HR or L&D Professionals, organisations can reduce the need for external trainers and save money on external training costs.

Increased effectiveness of HR

Overall, being certified to run Work Styles Assessments can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources management, improve organisational performance, and provide individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers.