Aside from the tips and skills you’ve taught, I have personally loved seeing you both every session – I think you guys are a great duo and have managed to bring a fine balance of casual, entertaining, relevant and professionalism into your courses – it’s always my favourite meeting of the week. Despite meeting in person only a few times, I feel I know you both quite well, which is a testament to how well you run the sessions.

Esther lee

Head of Growth at Seek Australia,Australia

My life at work made so much more sense when I took the Workstyles Assessment courtesy of Aspire Consulting and attended the #lifechanging 3 day leadership coaching workshop!

Lea Abdullah

Regional Quality Manager at Seek Asia,Malaysia

Pete and Helen have been our close and valuable partners for more than 20 years. They align our new teams, facilitate them through growing pains and bring out the best in them.

Julian Neo

Managing Director at DHL Malaysia,Malaysia

Pete and Helen have been trusted business partners of the organisations I have led, dating back more than 20 years. Their interpretation and application of the Work Styles assessment has been both simple and insightful. I strongly recommend them and their assessment methods to any organisation.

Charles Brewer

CEO at POS Malaysia,Malaysia